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...a cozy little restaurant,
in a very old building,
in one of the smallest historic towns in the U.S.A

After much thought and consideration, I have made the decision to close Tin Pan Galley Restaurant.

Speaking for my staff as well as myself, I'd like to say, what a beautiful time we have had over the years!
My staff and guests have been so supportive and passionate about TPG and have given me 34 years of love and memories.
My desire from the beginning was to create a place where guests could find good food, relaxed atmosphere, great ambience, music and gardens.

The constraints of re-opening would be overwhelming to the integrity that Tin Pan Galley was built on.
I am most thankful for my dedicated staff...without them, Tin Pan Galley would never have aspired to what it became.
I also send out many thanks to our valued guests for their support through so many years.

In closing, special thanks is given to our many purveyors:

Renzi Foodservice, Sysco Foods, US Foods, Empire Wine & Spirits, Opici Wines,
Winebow, Southern Wine & Spirits and many more through the years.

With sincere heartfelt thanks and gratitude, Andy




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